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Win a spot on a traditional Scandinavian capercaillie hunt in northern Sweden, including a full Winter Active Set

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Win a spot on a traditional Scandinavian capercaillie hunt in northern Sweden

In cooperation with, we are now offering you the chance to win a spot on a traditional Scandinavian hunt for capercaillie on wooden skis in the majestic wilderness of Swedish Lappland.

For the whole month of November, every person who makes a purchase on and subscribes to our newsletter at checkout has the chance to win a spot on our February capercaillie hunt as well as a set of our brand-new snow camo: Winter Active.

Our new Winter Active range is made specifically for what Scandinavian hunters call “Toppjakt.” Stalking for capercaillie in several meters of deep snow is a demanding type of hunting, and the quality of your gear is crucial if you are to be successful. Therefore, we are now giving you the chance to win a Winter Active set as well as the chance to put it to the test in the very environment it was designed to conquer.

Capercaillie hunting on skis is a very tough and demanding type of hunt. We recommend that you are in good shape and that have no history of weak knees, a weak back, or other similar movement impairments. In addition, we recommend that you do not easily get cold, as the temperature often goes below minus 20 degrees Celsius, even during the day.

Capercaillies are often shot in the treetops at distances greater than 200 meters. Therefore, we recommend that you are comfortable with shooting at longer distances as it is extremely difficult to get much closer without spooking off the birds.

The hunt will take place from February 9th-12th. 

If you are the lucky winner, you will meet up with Team Härkila at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden (Transport to Stockholm not included). From here, we will board a flight to Kiruna Airport in the heart of Swedish Lappland. We have secured a rifle for you to borrow in order to make the travel process as smooth and easy as possible. Here we will be picked up by a representative from and drive to the camp. We have three full days of hunting from sunrise until sunset.

We will stay at the camp through the entire trip and start our daily hunts from the front door. We will be treated to three meals a day, two served in the camp (breakfast and dinner), and one served in the wilderness in the traditional Swedish way with a hot lunch cooked over a campfire.

If you would like to experience traditional Scandinavian “toppjakt” for capercaillie in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, now is your chance!

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