The Härkila heritage

A Scandinavian family business

Härkila is a brand by hunters for hunters

Härkila started as a family business and before it was a brand of high-quality hunting clothes it was a kennel known for its prized hunting dogs. Our founder, Kjell Lennartsson, founded the Härkila brand with his father, Lennart Davidson in 1985. Through generations of hunting knowledge, Kjell had come to understand how crucial the right hunting gear was to the success of a hunter. The Härkila kennel specialized in the Drever hound and the Jämthund elkhound, and the family had a long history of traditional Swedish moose hunting, so it was a natural effect that the first ever Härkila hunting set was for the specialized moose hunter.

The very first set was made with GORE-TEX membrane to withstand the roughness of the Swedish landscape and climate. This was a groundbreaking move and the first in the industry to secure this top-of-the-line membrane system. Since then we’ve worked tirelessly to bring innovative and ultra-high-quality products that elevate the hunter’s skills and aid their success.

Specialization and innovation are key components of the Härkila philosophy. This falls in line with our valuing of hunting as a time-honored tradition. Hunting has been a feature in Nordic life for thousands of years and played a major role in the nutrition of the population as well as conserving ecosystems and biodiversity. We believe in living in harmony with nature through a respectful and knowledgeable approach to our natural world transferred from generation to generation.

Härkila has become a brand that develops clothing for a wide variety of hunts, for markets that reach far beyond Scandinavia. But our core values are unchanged: we design clothes capable of withstanding the often harsh, changeable weather of the Nordic region, and which will benefit anyone who wants to meet nature on its own terms and experience the joys this offers.