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Maintenance and care of Härkila hunting clothes

Maintenance and care of Härkila hunting clothes - Härkila

Caring correctly for your hunting clothes not only prolongs how long they last, but also help you go undetected on your hunts.


In general, use detergents without perfume and without any optical whites, to prevent the wild game from detecting you. Also, avoid using softener.

Follow the guidelines on the care labels. Some clothes require low spin cycles – this will be marked with a line under the temperature on the care label.

For cotton clothes, follow the care label and wash them in a regular washing machine. We do not recommend tumble dry for our cotton products, because it wears out the garments.​

For woolen products, simply air them, because wool has a self-cleaning feature. If you need to wash the clothes, use the special wool program in your washing machine.

For membrane products, you should use liquid detergents to prevent any detergent leftovers in the membrane after the washing. Remember to spin on a low cycle. If you need to improve the DWR (Durable Water Repellant) treatment, simply put your clothes in a dryer, again following the care label.

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