Härkila is a premium brand of clothes, footwear and bags for hunting, and the development and design of Härkila is done with no compromises. New products introduce state-of-the-art technology, materials and functionality while maintaining the fundamental qualities of excellent hunting gear. At Härkila we follow these nine commandents of design - with a focus determined by the purpose of the individual product:



Heat management






Freedom of movement


The 10th. commandment of Härkila design is the Härkila style characterised by Scandinavian elegance, simplicity and fit.


At Härkila we constantly innovate our products. Our newly introduced body mapping system ensures extra breathability in exposed areas of our clothing (e.g. under the arms), and our H-vent technology ensures high ventilation in our new line of rubber boots. The often complex demands of high tech gear – for instance creating a lightweight mitten that is extremely insulating – requires extraordinary materials or extremely specialized knowledge. This is why we only use the most exquisite materials and why we collaborate with a number of world leading experts within material and technology innovation in clothing, footwear and equipment.

2-way zip

Zip that zips both ways for easy adjustment of the jacket when taking up demanding sitting positions.

3M Thinsulate™ Ultra

Hi-tech insulating material for footwear. Has the same volume and low weight of the original Thinsulate™, but with twice the insulation (400g).

Action back

The back of the jacket incorporates pleats that allow for increased range of movement when shooting.

Active fit


Insulating and moisture-transporting woollen material that keeps you dry and warm.

Airtech™ by F.O.V

Unique textile, combining extreme durability with great comfort. Soft, breathable, wind-resistant, water-repellent and dirt-repellent.

Approved for food products


Designed for high-intensity activity. Retains its elasticity. Protects against the elements and provides comfort without hindering freedom of movement.

Armortex® Kevlar®

Extremely durable and frostproof material that remains flexible and comfortable right down to -25°C.


Shock-absorbing and protective technical fabric.

Back knee adjuster

Adjustable strap at the calf to create more room around the knee. Ideal for hunting that requires extensive freedom of movement.


Bamboo fibres are breathable, quick drying and counteracts body odour.

Bionic Finish® Rudolf

A patented system for a water-repellent, oil-repellent and dirt-repellent textile finish.

Boa® Closure System

Quick and easy closure system that replaces shoe laces. Provides a completely even lacing from a few turns of the simple closing mechanism.

Body Mapping

Intelligent clothing system that enables clothing to adapt to various body zones.


British Wool

Hardwearing sheep’s wool that is excellent at withstanding wind, rain and snow.

Classic fit


Härkila compression socks enhance blood circulation in your legs and feet.

Contemporary fit


Proven to reduce skin temperature, lower heart rates during exercise and maintain hydration, while offering excellent moisture management.


Highly durable and lightweight fibres.

Detachable hood

A detachable hood makes the jacket suitable for a variety of hunting seasons.


Supreme moisture-wicking properties and durability.

Easy care

Non-iron finish.

Extra sizes

Available in extra small sizes, extra large sizes, or both. Selected trousers come with extra short or extra long legs.

Flexible forefoot sole systems

Arch support system providing great stability at the heel and arch, but flexibility at the forefoot. Ensures optimum comfort on a long expedition.

Full Stretch

Game pocket

Pocket intended for small game that can also be used to store accessories during the hunt or while dog training. The pocket is situated at the lower rear of the jacket.

Genuine leather

Warm, durable and breathable natural product.

Genuine leather trim


The first camouflage pattern designed with a focus on what hoofed animals actually see.


GORE WINDSTOPPER® products combine complete wind protection with outstanding breathability. You stay comfortable with fewer layers and enjoy greater freedom of movement.


Waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane in a very high quality.


Waterproof membrane with 360° breathability for footwear. Developed for high activity and warm climate, making it possible for your foot to breathe all around - also through the sole.

Hardwearing product

The product is made from or equipped with materials that make it very durable.

Härkila Lifetime Warranty

Covers all defects in materials and workmanship.

Härkila memory fit™

Ensures increased comfort and good fit no matter how heavy your socks are.

Härkila's 5-year warranty

Covers defects in materials and workmanship for a 5-year period from date of purchase.

High visibility

This product incorporates features to ensure greater visibility during the hunt.

Hollow fiber

Technical fibre with unique insulating properties due to its warm air pockets.

Hybrid System

Combination of materials for the ultimate in comfort, performance and capability. 4-way stretch for ease of movement with water- and/or windproof materials in exposed areas.

Hydro system pocket

Pocket for Härkila's Hydro System water container equipped with tube and mouth piece so it can stay in the pocket during the hunt. Härkila’s Hydro System is sold separately.

Insect Shield®

Built-in protection against insects. A long-lasting, effective and odourless way to repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies and fleas. EU approved for both pets and people.


Insulated to withstand the temperature indicated in the icon.


Insulated to withstand the temperature indicated in the icon.


Insulated to withstand the temperature indicated in the icon.


Insulated to withstand the temperature indicated in the icon.


Insulated to withstand the temperature indicated in the icon.


Insulated to withstand the temperature indicated in the icon.


Insulated to withstand the temperature indicated in the icon.


Insulated to withstand the temperature indicated in the icon.


Lambswool is a high quality wool characterised by being especially soft. Insulating, hardwearing and dirt repellent.

Left & Right

Specially shaped construction imitating the natural anatomy of left and right feet, for a perfect fit.

Mallalieus of Delph Ltd

Based in the North West of England. Mallalieus use wool from sheep reared in the UK, spun into yarns locally and still woven and finished in a British mill.

Merino wool

Very fine wool from Merino sheep. Long fibres make this wool extra soft and fine. Härkila uses only "mulesing free" Merino wool.

Moisture transporting

Mossy Oak Break-Up® COUNTRY™

Mossy Oak Break-Up® COUNTRY™ combines digitally enhanced natural elements with perfect colour tones to help you blend in and shadowing elements that break up your outline.

Mossy Oak®

Mossy Oak® Blaze

A combination of the Mossy Oak® pattern and highly visible orange makes Mossy Oak® Blaze ideal for hunting with companions.

Mossy Oak® New Break-Up

A popular camo pattern due to its diversity and life like qualities.

Mossy Oak® Winter Break-Up

Provides great camouflaging in snow-covered country.

Mulesing free

We only use Mulesing free Merino wool. Mulesing is a cruel practice for controlling mite infestations in the sheep’s skin.


Significantly reduces friction between the sock and the skin, eliminating blisters and irritations, and guaranteeing the comfort and performance that an active person demands.

Natural filling

Natural filling. Contains down and feathers, which are the lightest and most effective natural insulation materials for clothing.

Natural filling

Made from down and feather, this is the lightest and most effective insulation material available for clothing.



Functional insoles of the best quality. Moisture-transporting, breathable and anti-bacterial.


The market leader for technical fleece. Insulating, low weight and highly breathable.

Polartec® Classic®

Lightweight fleece material. Keeps you dry against perspiration, and adds warmth without extra weight.

Polartec® Power Dry®

Polartec® Power Stretch®

Extremely breathable fleece with 4-way stretch. Keeps you dry against perspiration, and highly insulating despite its low weight.

Polartec® Thermal Pro®

Polartec’s most advanced fleece fabric. Extremely insulating and exceedingly lightweight.

Polartec® Wind Pro®

Wind-resistant fleece. Four times more wind resistant than traditional fleece. Performs as both outerwear and insulation.


Keeps the garment odour-free. Polygiene® Odor Control Technology uses natural silver chloride to inhibit the bacterial growth that causes unpleasant odours in sweaty clothes. EU approved.

Premium European Cotton

High quality soft cotton. Does not shrink.


Originally developed for military use as an alternative to goose down. Highly compressible and insulating in both wet and dry conditions.

Quick connect

Quick Connect. Carrying system for bags, slips and rucksacks to carry extra equipment.

Quick load strap

A strap from the hand warmer pocket ensures that the cartridge pocket stays open during shooting.


Radio pocket

Breast pocket for a walkie-talkie or mobile phone.

Rain cover

Waterproof rain cover for gun holsters and rucksacks.

Real Fur

Reflective trim

Reflective trim on garments enhances safety during the hunt.

Regular fit

Regular fit.

Resistex® Copper

A hi-tech yarn combining natural or artificial fibres with pure copper. Resistex® Copper has anti-static characteristics, excellent thermal conduction and anti-bacterial properties.


Reversible. This product is reversible, which makes it suitable for a variety of different hunting situations.

Shaped fit

Stiff sole systems

The full-length boardliner construction ensures maximum stability. The soles are recommended for mountain hunting and when you need extra stability.

Stretch inserts

Stretchable material in exposed places for increased movement and comfort.

Tech Wool

Crease-resistant material combining wool and polyester. Stronger and lighter than pure wool without compromising the warmth and softness of wool.


Lightweight and flexible material that, gramme for gramme, is five times stronger than steel.


Finish that provides durable, long-lasting protection against oil- and water-based stains, dust and soil. Fabrics using Teflon® keep their original look for longer.

Thermo Poly Shield™ Down Feel

Effective, lightweight and quick-drying insulation.

Thermo Poly Shield™ Fill

Effective, lightweight and quick-drying insulation.


ThermoCool™ fibres keep you warm under cold conditions and cool when it's warm. The duo-regulation saves energy, improves wellbeing and lets you concentrate on your performance.


Insulating material for clothing. Very low weight, comfortable to wear and allows good freedom of movement.

Thinsulate™ Platinum

Combines high-performance insulation with exceptional comfort by transporting moisture away.


Soft, highly flexible and resistant material woven from microfilament yarn.

Ultra flexible sole systems

Flexible sole, providing maximum ground feel and optimum stalking characteristics.


Ventilation under the arms and/or at the back of the thighs.


High-tech specialised sole promising a comfortable, ergonomic stride.

Vibram® Fire&Ice

From a special compound Vibram® has developed the Fire&Ice sole, which is designed for extreme situations and provides traction in both low and high temperatures (from -20˚C to +250˚C). The compound satisfies the tough requirements from Ross cold flex at -23˚C and the NFPA requirements for firefighter boots.

Vibram® Icetrek

Rubber compound that ensures an optimal surface grip even on very cold, icy and snow covered surfaces.

Vital Protection

A completely unique textile impregnation treatment that repels a host of biting insects including mosquitoes, midges, bed bugs, sand flies and fleas. The impregnation is odourless, skin friendly, UV-proofed and machine washable.


Technical press studs and zips. Robust, easy to use and secure.

Water repellent material

Waterproof bag for mobile devices

Designed for storage of mobile phone, camera, wallet and other valuables.

Waterproof compression bag

Keeps clothing dry at all times while minimizing space usage.

Waterproof material

Waterproof zip

Zip protected by tight-fitting, water resistant lamination.

Wax Finish

Impregnation with a thin layer of wax that makes the surface soft and the material water-repellent, windproof and durable.

Wind resistant



The world’s best known and most respected textile fibre label. Guarantees the use of 100% pure wool in the product.

Woolmark Blend

This logo indicates that the product contains 50%-99% new wool.

YKK® zip

Technical zip. Renowned for stability and robustness.