Rubber boots

Härkila rubber boots are handmade in natural rubber. They are strong and with the correct care, they will serve you for many years. Rubber Care adds nutrition to the rubber and keeps it soft and flexible thereby maintaining high performance, expanding the lifetime and keeping the rubber beautiful.

Moisture and “shine”

All Härkila rubber boots are given a treatment to protect them against drying (cracking). This means that new boots can sometimes feel greasy or look “shiny”. This is a normal characteristic of high quality rubber and is a natural, harmless process. The “shine” is easy to remove with a dry cloth.

Moisture must be reapplied for maintenance. We recommend applying Härkila Rubber Care regularly. Härkila Rubber Care cleans, prevents cracks and protects against UV damage.

Care Instructions

Before applying rubber care

  • Rinse off mud and dirt under lukewarm running water and use a sponge to clean
  • Air dry in an upright position at normal room temperature. Alternatively use a shoe dryer (Never dry footwear near a source of direct heat, e.g. sunlight, radiators or stoves)

Shake the bottle and apply from a distance of 20 cm. Wipe off excess after 2-3 minutes. Repeat the treatment regularly.


Härkila Rubber Care. Cares, cleans and protects all types of rubber boots. Prevents the rubber from cracking and protects against UV damage.

Inside Care

  • Remove dirt and stones from the inside and let the boots air dry at normal room temperature
  • To avoid odour clean the inside of your boots. This does not damage the lining
  • Remove the footbed, clean it if needed and let it air dry. Make sure to re-insert the footbed correctly


  • Store your rubber boots in living room temperature with dry air and air circulation.
  • Do NOT store
  • On heated floors
  • Close to open fire
  • In direct sunlight
  • On a radiator or a similar heating device
  • Lying down

What not to do

  • Do not wash your rubber boots in a washing machine
  • Do not dry your rubber boots while they are lying down or under pressure. Always let them dry in an upright position
  • We do not recommend that the zip is open during use, as this can break the zippers and make the rubber gusset crack
  • Do not let your rubber boots dry in areas with no air circulation – e.g. inside plastic bags or moist rooms
  • Direct sunlight should be avoided
  • Do not dry your Härkila rubber boots in hot places – e.g. by an open fire, on a radiator, by a heating oven or on a heated floor
  • Do not use soap as it damages the protective layer
  • Avoid contact with fuels/oils, waste liquids, manure and salt water. If your rubber boots have been in contact with any of these substances, wash and rinse with fresh water