The origin of Härkila

The name Härkila dates back to the 17th century. It originates from a family farmhouse in the county of Västra Götaland on the west coast of Sweden.

The name

In old, Nordic tongue “Härkila” translates into “the field of great bulls” and refers to the many giant moose that roamed the area.

Life at the
mercy of nature

Since the beginning of time, hunting of moose, bear
and deer has been the key to survival in the harsh
Scandinavian climate. The family on the Härkila farm
were successful hunters, and the farm evolved into a
thriving business selling both meat and fur.

The famous dogs of Härkila

In the early 1950s, the family advanced their business to breeding and training hunting dogs. The Härkila Kennel grew and became one of the largest in Scandinavia.


With more than 300 award winning hunting dogs from moose hounds and labradors to setters and dachshunds, the Härkila Kennel is to this day known for its outstanding achievements in this field.


Already experienced hunters and hunting
dog breeders, the family at the Härkila farm took on a new challenge:

To improve and refine
the old fashioned hunting clothing available at the time.

They had a dream of creating the ultimate hunting gear. Hunting gear fit for the roughest terrain. Hunting gear that would keep you protected from wind, rain, heat and snow. The family now established a sewing workshop where new designs and materials were processed into a whole new standard of hunting clothing

This was the beginning of the Härkila Hunting brand


The demand for high quality hunting clothes turned out to be enormous. Hunters could now benefit from garments that would keep them warm during hours of strenuous moose hunting in freezing cold. Clothing that would keep them dry and comfortable even after a hectic hog chase. And clothing that would keep them silent to ensure a successful stalking.

That was exactly what Härkila provided.

Hunters experienced that Härkila’s gear was
more comfortable and durable than conventional products, and sales took off throughout the region.

The technological revolution

In 1990, Härkila was the first hunting brand in Scandinavia to introduce Gore Tex membranes in their clothes.

Since then many other
acclaimed innovation partners
have joined the list.

Härkila today

Today, Härkila is sold in more than 2,500 stores around
the world, and the interest in Härkila's Scandinavian quality
and innovative design is expanding rapidly.

The passion
of Härkila

The family bloodline of the old Härkila farm can still be found in the research and development department of Härkila today. The tradition and passion for hunting has been passed on from generation to generation and represents the core values of the Härkila brand.

Trust your instinct

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