Merino wool hunting socks

Härkila Merino Wool hunting socks are designed to keep your feet dry through optimized climate comfort.

Long live your Härkila Merino socks

With the correct care your Härkila Merino Wool hunting socks keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable for many years. The wool fibres are tough and long lasting and have a soft, comfortable feel. The fibres are cushioning and provide a resilient padding to your feet.


  • Wash like colours together (e.g. separate light and dark socks)
  • Machine wash on a normal cycle. Wash warm or cool and avoid hot wash, as this can shrink the socks
  • Use regular detergent

We generally recommend that you follow the care instructions on the packaging.

Do not

  • let your socks dry in areas with no air circulation like plastic bags or moist rooms
  • dry in direct sunlight
  • use fabric softeners, as they coat the Merino fibres and reduce their ability to naturally moist and regulate your body temperature
  • bleach. If you must bleach your socks, use a non-chlorine bleach as chlorine will break the Merino fibres
  • Hand wash as it can result in residual build-up of perspiration leading to odour problems


Pilling is a natural process inherent to Merino wool due to the fact that it is a staple fibre. Pilling can occur if the shorter fibres work their way to the surface of the fabric. Over time pilling will stop as the shorter fibres disappear.

Prevent pilling by washing your new pair of socks before use with a coarser fabric such as denim jeans (make sure that all zippers are closed). Repeat this time and again.


Merino wool fibres prevent foot odour. The socks draw away moisture from your feet and release it. The wool fibres work the same way as they do on the sheep that provide our Merino wool.