High-tech socks

With the correct care your high-tech Härkila textile socks will keep their high functionality for many years.


Härkila high-tech socks are made in functional fibres designed for high performance hunting. Several materials are combined for optimum comfort and fit. Nylon and Lycra (elastane) help retain the shape of the socks, create a snug fit and provide support in specific areas. CoolMax, ThermoCool, Resistex and Vital Protection effectively adds a plenitude of features to the sock – including temperature control, insulation, blister prevention, odour control a.s.o.


  • Wash like colours together (e.g. separate light and dark socks)
  • Machine wash on a normal cycle. Wash warm or cool and avoid hot wash, as this can shrink the socks
  • Use regular detergent
  • Tumble dry inside out on low heat

We generally recommend that you follow the care instructions on the packaging.


  • let your socks dry in areas with no air circulation like plastic bags or moist rooms
  • dry in direct sunlight
  • use fabric softeners, as they coat the fibres and reduce their ability to moist and regulate your body temperature
  • bleach. If you must bleach your socks, use a non-chlorine bleach as chlorine will break the fibres
  • Hand wash as it can result in residual build-up of perspiration leading to odour problems