Advanced performance textiles

to keep you warm, dry and comfortable


Polartec® fabrics are some of the most advanced performance textiles that are available today. Polartec® invented modern synthetic fleece in 1981 and now offers a collection of over 300 different fabrics that are designed to keep you warm, dry and, most important, comfortable in a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Polartec® fabrics range from extremely lightweight base layer fabrics for long underwear and T-shirts, stretchable fabrics for performance-fits, and water repellent soft shells to flame resistant fabrics for the military. Think of Polartec® fabrics as the protection nature didn’t give you. The fabrics can keep you warm when it’s cold, keep you dry when you sweat, even repel wind, rain, and snow to protect you from the elements.

At Härkila, we use Polartec® technologies in a wide range of our gloves and fleeces to give them added comfortability, breathability, warmth, and quick-drying properties.


Dual-surface  // 4-way stretch //  Shape retention  //  Highly breathable  //  Wicks moisture  //  Fast drying

POLARTEC® POWER STRETCH® is a performance-fit fabric platform that raises the bar for stretch fabric capabilities. Advanced dual surface knit construction gives Power Stretch® enough tensile strength for durable shape recovery. Performance wicking abilities mean it keeps up with any activity. Today’s performance stretch fabrics need to adapt to the contours of the human body for optimal comfort during movement. Polartec® Power Stretch® has strong elastic fibers creating 4-way stretch that meets the demanding push and pull of activity. This agile, dual-surface fabric absorbs moisture from the skin while continuously wicking it to the outer layer for fast evaporation. Power Stretch’s outer surface has a low-friction finish, so this versatile fabric can layer perfectly with others and resist abrasion on its own.


Dual-surface  //  4-way stretch  //  Shape retention  //  Highly breathable  //  Wicks moisture  //  Fast drying

POLARTEC® THERMAL PRO® is a fabric platform that embodies the versatile style applications of the synthetic fleece. A diverse variety of knitting techniques create unique surface structures without sacrificing performance. The adapted look and feel still delivers the warmth and comfort of classic fleece. POLARTEC® THERMAL PRO® advances fleece fashion with new knot structures for the most diverse style options. Thermal Pro® yarns are dyed in vibrant spectrum of colors. Unique finishing techniques ensure every knit construction has the right look and feel. Technical fiber compositions maintain a soft texture and air pockets for thermoregulation and breathability. Knit with premium polyester yarns, Thermal Pro® is cozy, resilient, and stylish.