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It’s Always Härkila Season.

Marts 2021

While Härkila clothes are by hunters for hunters, we know that practicality dictates that not all clothes can be for hunting only. Our Essentials can be used for hunting but are also designed to embrace other aspects of the hunter’s life – like terrain management or maintaining great aim at the shooting range. So even if it’s not hunting season, we’ve got you covered.


Picking the right pair of pants for your needs should be easy, and our new Essentials Pants Guide is here to guide you. See what pair fits your life by the defined factors: stretch, durability, activity level, and price. 

There are three factors used to differentiate the styles: stretch, durability, and activity level.


Stretch is defined by the materials used in each pant where some made with fabrics that have a lot of stretch like a nylon/spandex combination. Stretch is also defined by the cut and fit that can be optimized for wider range of motion.


With the durability factor, we know that all Härkila’s clothes are always made to last, but some of our pants are made to withstand the extremely rough thicket where activities like terrain maintenance take place. Reinforced panels and choice of material determines the durability scale where materials like our waxed hardwearing canvas are the highest level of the scale.   


Lastly, activity levels can also be a factor to account for when looking at what pants fit your needs. High levels of activity like trekking through the mountains will have different needs from the activities like terrain maintenance or outdoor upkeep including hide repairments. 


We strive to equip all hunters with great gear, so our sizes range from 46 to 68. Add to this, that while our standard inseam is 33”, most models come in a 31” inseam and Asmund, which has a raw edge for customization, is 35” so you can cut them to the exact length that fits you.