Stylish yet functional clothing, footwear and equipment rooted in the design traditions of classic shooting. Combining high quality materials with elegant designs, Classics provides the shooter with a sleek appearance for both shooting and leisure - without compromising functional materials and details.

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Stylish suits in the classic hunting traditions

Highclere jacket

Highclere waistcoat

Highclere Lady jacket

Storvik jacket

Storvik overtrousers

Storvik trousers

Torridon jacket

Torridon waistcoat

Torridon breeks

Stylish jackets and waistcoats in classic hunting traditions

Torridon jacket

Highclere jacket

Highclere Lady jacket

Storvik jacket

Berghem Lady jacket

Berghem jacket

Highclere waistcoat

Torridon waistcoat

Alsin waistcoat

Sandhem fleece vest

Berghem waistcoat

Stylish trousers in classic hunting traditions

Torridon breeks

Storvik overtrousers

Storvik trousers

Norberg Lady Chinos

Norberg Chinos

Stylish knitwear in classic hunting traditions

Jari pullover

Alley Lady pullover

Brunnsberg Pullover

Stylish shirts in classic hunting traditions

Lancaster shirt

Lancaster Lady shirt

Milford shirt

Selja Lady shirt

Stenstorp Shirt

Jomsborg Shirt

Selja Lady shirt

Headwear in classic hunting traditions

Jura hat

Torridon flat cap

Gloves in classic hunting traditions

Classic Shooting gloves

Classic Lady Shooting gloves

Stylish boots in classic hunting traditions

Backcountry II GTX® 6″

Sporting Visent GTX® 17″

Mountain Trek GTX® 8″

Mountain Trek GTX® 6″

Backcountry II Lady GTX® 6″

Trekking GTX® 6″

Trail Hiker GTX® 7"

Shoes in classic hunting traditions

Jokkmokk II GTX®

Sporting Chelsea III GTX® 7"

Equipment in classic hunting traditions

Slip for shotgun

Bolt pouch, leather

Metso Classic rucksack

Rifle sling in leather and canvas

Rifle sling in canvas and leather

Vacuum flask